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Mammoth Cave
National Park

National Park Service

“Evidence of ancient explorers...clues to how the earth
has been shaped over time...secrets of life adapting in
extraordinary ways... Much has been discovered about
Mammoth Cave, but many mysteries still remain.”

Science Today

t Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky, science is driving our understanding of this unique and strange ecosystem and of the first human efforts to explore this vast cave system. Science Today takes the viewer on an educational journey through Mammoth Cave and dives deeper into the information guiding conservation efforts today.

If crawling through cold, dark muddy passages is your idea of a good time, we dare you to try it loaded down with lights and camera gear... and batteries...lots of batteries. That’s what we did for Hidden Wonder: Mapping Mammoth Cave and Science Today for the new visitor center being built for Mammoth Cave National Park. Argentine Productions produced the main orientation video as well as sound environments, audio stations and interactive media, working with Krister Olmon design, Southern Custom exhibit fabrication, as well as Bluecadet Interactive. The exhibit tells how scientists are using new tools to map the cave’s maze of passages and to learn more about the unique creatures living in its depths. Our team worked in the Bottomless Pit, the River Styx, and the dreaded Peanut Butter Alley. Logistics were challenging, but the oohs — and the “ewwwws” will be worth it. Narrated by Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe, who enjoyed the muddier aspects of the narration, Hidden Wonder, and the other exhibit media will be part of the new visitor center that will open at Mammoth Cave later this year.

Peter listened to what my dreams and goals for the film were and translated those into reality. It is sometimes difficult to share your vision with another to create and have it come out on the other end of the process looking anything like what you expected. Peter nailed what I wanted.

The technical expertise that Argentine Productions brought to the project was excellent. Shooting in a cave is not easy, on many levels. It was obvious that they had given a great deal of thought to the project. The on-site shoot was well planned and executed. The team worked around our cave tour schedule without complaint and made efficient use of their time. They were very sensitive to cave resources, responsive to our requirements for White Nose Syndrome precautions and decontamination, and they went out of their way to stay in designated areas.

Mike Adams
Chief of Interpretation
Mammoth Cave National Park


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