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Big Picture

Carnegie Science Center

ittsburgh comes alive in this 10 minute action-packed short photographed in the complex but spectacular 70 mm IMAX format for the Carnegie Science Center. Pittsburgh's Big Picture captures the city's stunning visual beauty, rich ethnic and cultural heritage, drama of steelmaking, and spectacular natural resources.

Numerous special camera mounts were created for the IMAX camera to capture unique perspectives including from the driver's seat of a high speed Formula 1 race boat; the breathtaking heights of the Pittsburgh Plunge; close-up to a molten cauldron of steel, and plunging over a waterfall in a kayak. The story is told with visuals, music and sound, and includes a brief cameo by our favorite neighbor, Fred Rogers.

More recently, we have produced several interactive projects on robotics and tissue engineering for the Carnegie Science Center. If a Starfish Can Grow a New Arm, Why Can’t I? is targeted toward middle school students, and also explores how to get started in science careers.

“Talk about a movie that leaves you panting for more. There's just no way to get enough of it!”

Ed Blank
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Film Critic

“You showed a cool head and clear visual eye in being able to translate shots and compositions for the biggest of screens — a challenge even many recent Omnimax films sometimes miss!  The results were spectacular, visually arresting, and very effective.”

Dennis Bateman
Director, Exhibit Experience
Carnegie Science Center


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