Theodore Roosevelt
National Park

National Park Service

“At the edge of the grasslands…just beyond the broad
Dakota plains….this lands erupts with striking vistas and
stunning hues of light. For one man, this was a place to reflect regroup...and lead what he called "the strenuous life."

Refuge of the American Spirit

heodore Roosevelt National Park honors the memory of our nation’s “Conservationist President”. The park is located in the spectacular and rugged North Dakota badlands, described by TR as “so fantastically broken in form and so bizarre in color as to seem hardly properly to belong to this earth.” The challenge of the Refuge of the American Spirit was to capture wildlife and natural history over four seasons, while also telling the story of Theodore Roosevelt’s time ranching here, and how it shaped his life. The production team endured harsh extremes of blinding snow and searing heat to illuminate the geologic processes that shaped this land and gave it a unique natural beauty.

Stunning cinematography, including breathtaking aerials shot from a hot air balloon, combine with unique archival images and quotes from Roosevelt to tell the incredible story of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

More than fifty narrators were auditioned in the search for the perfect voice to capture Theodore Roosevelt’s spirit and character. Famed western author, Terry Tempest Williams, narrates Refuge of American Spirit, truly bringing the story of this amazing place to life. The production plays continuously at two visitor centers.


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